Microwave P2P Solutions

Connecting Communities and Businesses Nationally


A Wireless Solution for Everyone

Galaxy offers complete Point-2-Point Microwave services and uses an assortment of pop-up, fixed, and contracted towers. We customize each solution for the specific project requirements with engineering designs that include scalable wireless bandwidth options with Managed Services and remote IT solutions for the best user experience.

Point-to-Point Microwave

When customizing a solution, we consider tower location, availability, and capacity to design the most feasible and cost effective link. Galaxy works with leading and reputable point-to-point tower owners and installation companies to source the best solution.

Once the link is installed, the traffic is routed to Galaxy’s backend network and support systems, which provides a common Internet platform for satellite and P2P sites. This allows Galaxy to deploy its traffic management software and expertise universally.


The Galaxy Difference

  • Terrestrial connection at tower location for easy bandwidth scalability
  • Satellite or LTE failover for 100% up time
  • Portable temporary/rental towers for quick deploy and short-term projects
  • Galaxy provides complete remote management for lower IT support costs

As the Microwave infrastructure is being built, our satellite network can provide quick access service until the Microwave service is commissioned. Then at that point the satellite service will become the back-up connection for complete redundancy.

LTE Hybrid Service

Galaxy offers full LTE Data service across Canada that is easily and quickly deployed. This service can be used as your primary or failover service.

A hybrid network involves both LTE, P2P microwave or satellite technologies. Galaxy continuously attempts to source the most affordable bits using the most cost-effective transport stream based on a project’s geography, size and applications. The combination of technologies provides a 100% up time connection.

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