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SmartSite delivers completely integrated communication and network solutions for remote and rural campuses, offices, and camps. Now every employee or guest can be securely connected and use their applications that make them more productive. In remote and rural areas you can now connect all your office staff, production workers, morale users as well as machines and IoT devices.

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SmartSite not only connects everything on-site but manages it too! Galaxy manages bandwidth consumption to lower costs and maximize the Quality of Experience (QoE). QoS ensures that applications will run as expected by prioritizing key traffic for the best remote end-user experience.

Integrated internal switching through managed firewalls, access points, and switches. SmartSite delivers a high-performing, completely secured network. True next-generation performance, monitoring, and support via Galaxy’s satellite network including GEOs and newly launched LEO service.

  – One Web.

Galaxy can assist with today’s economic and social responsibilities that the boards of companies, C suite, project management, procurement and IT groups all have the information and access they require. Galaxy will help you protect your people, assets, environment and data. We can integrate with your existing components and devices or consult on new opportunities.

Smart Site also provides communications and management for your Business and Morale communications. Robust solutions using multi-WAN and SD-WAN Routing solutions.

Protection Services

People Protection

  • Two-way communications
  • Active video monitoring (area and body cams)
  • Electronic lock-outs
  • QR scan for safety files
  • Real-time safety logs
  • Automated safety track record and reporting

Asset Protection

  • Active performance and video monitoring (area and body cams)
  • Electronic lock-outs
  • QR scan for safety files
  • Real-time safety logs
  • Automated safety track record and reporting

Environment Protection

  • Active video monitoring (area and body camps)
  • Real-time measurement and logging
  • Automated safety track record and reporting

Data Protection

  • Best in class firewall protection
  • External and internal threat management
  • Backup redundancy

Enablement Services

Business Communications

  • Prioritized traffic management
  • Fail-over protection ensuring maximum availability
  • PBX Phone Service
  • Monitored 24/7

Morale Services

  • Public WiFi
  • TV
  • Phone

Reliable, high-performance, proven network solutions.

The SmartSite Components

We offer multiple services for everyone:

  • Satellite connectivity (GEO/LEO), LTE, and Microwave for the optimal SD WAN service
  • Complete WiFi Coverage for your site computers, tablets and handhelds
  • Point to Point connections for extended service to outlying devices or users
  • Multiple VLANs allows for separate Office, morale, contractor and SCADA networks
  • Full PBX Phone Service provides call manager, extension calling and POE and cordless phones
  • Pay2Go Hot Spots allows guests to purchase extra bandwidth when they need it
  • SCADA/IoT Connectivity for instrumentation and devices
  • Firewall and Best-in-Class Security for a worry-free user and network protection
  • Bandwidth Management that maximizes the user experience and minimizes cost
  • Satellite TV from Shaw provides the best choice, customized welcome screen, and Emergency Alert
  • Network Reporting that includes traffic and capacity reporting, cybersecurity incident reporting and alerting
  • Firmware and security updates that can be implemented on a regular or urgent basis

Better, Faster, More Secure - Introducing the SMU 2.0 that manages your site

LAN built to handle the high-bandwidth requirements up to date with Millennial expectations.

More Features

  • DSCP Mapping – Up to 60% additional maps available to a project – at the same price
  • Firewall – World-class cyber security capabilities: all 9 NSS Labs rating, ICSA Cerf, and FIPS
  • Enhanced Reporting – Monitor bandwidth utilization: protocol breakdown provides more granular user utilization based on costs
  • Improved Deployment – One-touch appliance provisioning for simple and easy connecting
  • Morale and Public WiFi Access (Up to 10Gb) – Improved performance via integrated system design: indoor/outdoor radios and equipment flexibility with a seamless roaming WiFi experience
  • SLA – Increased uptime: better protected networks, fewer points of failure, high-availability equipment, increased monitoring, DDoS protection / web security
  • SD WAN – Application aware policies, SLA based link selection, prioritizes business applications with best in class link load balancing
  • Office User “End-Client” Management – Security rich, end-client management tool, corporate authentication integration for easy login setup

ShawTV - Full HD Channels Through Satellite

  • ShawTV is the leader in remote morale TV service
  • Free digital headend, in rooms and common viewing areas
  • Flexible terms including season holds
  • Customizable welcome screen and guide
  • Personal support
  • Emergency Alert feature and Pay-Per-View events

Let’s Talk

Talk to us about your remote communication needs and we will deliver a high-performance solution on time, on budget, and with a guaranteed service level agreement.