Satellite Networks that Deliver

The most expansive GEO satellite network in Canada



Galaxy’s multi-satellite fleet provides the largest choice of available satellite coverage and frequencies (C, Ku and Ka Bands) that allows us to offer the best speeds and throughput to your site for optimum performance and complete redundancy. Galaxy has designed and built two classes of satellite networks known as the SkyCARRIER and the SkyDATA Networks. Both platforms are particularly suited to a remote project’s technical and budgetary requirements. Both networks have the capacity to handle the most demanding data, applications and voice requirements.

E115WB - Next Generation Ku Band

Galaxy is now offering for the first time a high-powered Ku Band solution that allows small antennas to operate north of 60°

  • Uplinked via Galaxy’s Mississauga teleport
  • Four degrees of spacing – more power and more throughput
  • Designed for Canada – Small VSAT, full coverage
  • Service is available through SSC
  • 24/7 NOC and Technical Service
north america

SkyDATA GEN5 is now here!

SKYDATA GEN5 is Galaxy’s next generation enterprise-grade network. It is designed with Quality of Service (QoS) to offer voice support, as well as triple the download, double the upload and more throughput. GEN5 is ideal for small camps and offices in need of complete communication solutions.

Key Features

  • Full QoS Offering:
    • CBR for crystal clear phone calls
    • Static ips for business applications
    • Guaranteed minimum speeds (CIR)
  • Lower contention rates for more predictable speeds
  • Integration and application support capabilities with the Galaxy SMU and Managed Services Suite
  • Modem HT2300 has 2500 concurrent IP sessions (4x faster with no need to stack multiple terminals)
  • Modem HT2500 is rack mountable with 7500 concurrent IP sessions and DC power option

SKYCARRIER Network & Markets

SkyCARRIER is Galaxy’s 4th generation IP over satellite service designed to offer the performance of a dedicated, uncontended upload link combined with a large download capability that supports intense bandwidth requirements.

Dedicated MCPC Markets

  • Any remote office, nursing stations, schools, libraries or any other institution requiring large amounts of bandwidth with lower latency and jitter requirements.
  • Large Camps
  • Large remote work offices (application performance QOS available)
  • Large scale VoIP and PBX requirements
  • Live Video uploads, teleconferencing and tele-medicine
  • Compatible with Riverbed and other 3rd party accelerators

The Galaxy Difference

  • Multi-satellite and beams for ultimate choice and flexibility
  • Unprecedented satellite Internet speeds (up to 80Mbps on a single VSAT) that are scalable from 50 – 1,000 users
  • Unlimited monthly upload and throughput via dedicated SCPC offering low latency of 550 to 600ms and low jitter for peak application performance
  • Functions on a Multiple Carrier Per Channel (MCPC) transport for burstable downloads with dedicated upload for best value Mbps costing
  • Download throughputs available as unlimited or usage-based packages for flexible site options and worry free cost control
  • Unsurpassed processing speed. Our modems are able to handle 350,000 packets per second (PPS) making it the fastest and most scalable in the industry
  • Provides Layer 2 or Layer 3 service that allows your IT team to select based on your network design (SAP, Microsoft’s Skype for Business, Exchange, etc.)
  • Offer full integration with our SkyVOICE trunking and PBX services for a complete data and phone solution
  • Galaxy’s extensive engineering capability allows us to work with clients’ IT resources at the highest level to customize service plans and prioritize specific applications as needed for maximum end user performance
  • Primary or back-up service using satellite back-haul for microwave or wireless

SkyDATA Network

Galaxy delivers a trustworthy solution with SkyDATA’s custom packages and lower contended service plans. Galaxy also ensures few performance fluctuations with reliable industry leading technology and our integrated management tools.

  • Designed for small remote sites for general web browsing and e-mail
  • Multiple VoIP phone line capabilities with CBR of crystal clear calls
  • Perfect for SCADA monitoring
  • Terrific as a back-up redundancy service to terrestrial services
  • The SkyDATA service plans offer options of Hard CAP plans for set monthly billing, Soft CAP plans with overage billing available and unlimited usage plans for no hassle cost compliance
  • Integrated with the FleetVU portal for real-time reporting and proactive monitoring that can be bundled with the Sentinel for full fleet management optics
  • Secure and encrypted service for worry free transmissions
  • 24/7 engineering support so you can always get help when you need it

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