Oil & Gas

Connecting The Oil And Gas Industry

Galaxy understands each company’s requirements, and we will work side by side to develop a reliable and affordable ONE STOP solution that can be customized to meet the highest demand, using our satellite, LTE, and point-to-point microwave networks.

From oil and gas drilling companies to full production facilities, Galaxy delivers the connectivity that allows their remote sites to communicate with their head office.

Solutions for Upstream

  • Producers can securely manage their remote operation
  • Satellite coverage for remote geophysical and seismic jobs, as well as exploration
  • Live video for the down hole drilling progress
  • Dynamic network for end-to-end operations at a well site
  • DuaLINK redundant system failover for maximum uptime

Solutions for Midstream

  • Our ubiquitous system allows you to be compliant with the new Methane, H2S & CO2 Emissions Regulations
  • We allow remote data on pump and valve control, flow measurements, pressure and temperature monitoring, leak detection, and corrosion monitoring to be monitored, all the while being sent to a centralized location
  • We aid in detecting any areas of concern by monitoring, sensing and sending all data back to a head office (or field office) via our network

Solutions for Downstream

  • Integration of new SCADA and IoT solutions
  • Segregated networks to improve security against cyber attacks
  • Connection of many types of machines in a network, regardless of region
  • Digitized automation

In areas of poor-to-no cell phone coverage, Galaxy also offers a wide range of VoIP wireless products for primary and/or occasional use throughout the production site.
For large remote camps that require both office use and morale Internet, Galaxy offers the SKYNET Management Unit (SMU), the most cost-effective all-in-one complete solution.



SkyCARRIER is Galaxy’s 4th generation IP over satellite service designed to offer the performance of a dedicated, uncontended upload link combined with a large download capability that supports intense bandwidth requirements.

One Web LEO satellite network is Galaxy’s partner today for this new transformational technology. This network offs <70 Ms latency, up to 150 x 30 Mbps, Global coverage, unlimited throughput – LTE In The Sky!

  • Galaxy’s enterprise solution is “best of breed” compared to others
  • Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize corporate data
  • Choice of Committed Information Rate (CIR) for improved performance
  • 24/7 Support to resolve issues quickly
  • SDWANoffers failover redundancy and routable applications for maximum bandwidth efficiency.

These two network management options allow customers to manage the performance of their link and have it configured to perform at its highest level and the lowest possible cost.


Through our SMARTSite service, Galaxy will be monitoring and managing the service from end-to-end 24/7. Integrated internal switching through managed firewalls, access points and switches. SMARTSite delivers a high performing completely secure network. True next generation performance, monitoring, and support.
SMARTSite will be monitoring and managing wireless access points, switches, firewalls, satellite modems and all remaining equipment.

  • Management through a central console
  • Monitoring the health and activity of all network devices with proactive management issues will be resolved prior to failure
  • Remote location can depend on the Enterprise Internet Services that Galaxy will provide.

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