Galaxy’s communication solutions can be provided to an open pit mine or an exploration project. We understand that mining companies require a secure and reliable connection that can be redeployed wherever the project goes.

Galaxy solutions are scalable to expand as the project moves through its various phases.

Services We Provide

  • SkyVOICE VoIP phone service
  • SCOUT portable system for easy and quick deployment
  • Managed Services that provide remote IT support
  • SCADA/IoT connection solutions
  • Office and camp Internet with VoIP/PBX phone services
  • Video monitoring

The Galaxy Difference

  • Ability to communicate between head office and field workers
  • Scalable and flexible to fit any growing project
  • High speeds up to 80MB
  • Complete “Turn Key” solutions
  • Multiple technology options providing the best solution and price

“The portable unit was quickly deployed by our crew and the technical support was very helpful and available. We used it for about two months and the link was very stable and dependable, we never experienced any slowdowns or disconnections during that period. The voice over IP was very clear even when the Internet was under heavy usage by the rest of the crew, we always had a clear channel to communicate (with a Canadian phone number) with our crew even in a remote area, which is very important for the safety of everyone. We were very pleased with the overall experience and we will use a SCOUT unit the next time we need an Internet and phone connection remotely!”

– Maxim Belleau, Technical Electronics Supervisor, Abitibi Geophysics Inc.

Let’s Talk

Talk to us about your remote communication needs and we will deliver a high-performance solution on time, on budget, and with a guaranteed service level agreement.