Galaxy now offers services to the Marine Industry in Canada offering C, Ku and Ka networks. What ever your requirement – corporate, morale, voice or data traffic is all handled by the same high QoS networks that made Galaxy number one in land services such as remote camps and mining.


“You have to see the speeds to believe it” states Henk van Heuveln from Seacoast Marine.

Operators aboard ships need broadband solutions for communication between ships and shore and Galaxy makes it easy with Intellian dish systems, Manage Services and their multi satellite networks. Maximizing profit and efficiency is the product of a clear and dependable communication solution.

Services We Provide

  • Single VoIP phone or full PBX capabilities over satellite for crystal clear calling
  • Up to 20 Mbps Bursting Speeds for the fastest downloads available
  • Managed Services helps take the burden off your IT group
  • Unlimited plans allow for worry free use
  • Fully encrypted satellite link with WAN and LAN security – keeping safe against attaches
  • FleetVu customer portal for fleet management, stats, alerting and billing
  • Providing Shaw satellite TV for Canada’s most HD channels and amazing entertainment
  • Experienced and certified Installations, refits and site service provided across Canada by SeaCoast Marine

The Galaxy Difference

  • Experience true broadband speeds while on open water
  • Uses one of the world’s most accurate tracking Ka marine systems
  • 24/7 Technical Support, Remote IT


From the Williston research Canfor massive forestry ship to Arctic vessels – Galaxy has you covered on whatever seas in Canada you sail.

Let’s Talk

Talk to us about your remote communication needs and we will deliver a high-performance solution on time, on budget, and with a guaranteed service level agreement.