Galaxy Cares

Community Support

For 20 years, Galaxy has supported numerous local, provincial and national charitable organizations such as Canadian Veterans Foundation, Kids for Cancer and Cupid for Cancer. Every year our employees volunteer hours of service to further our passion to make a difference.

“Please join us today and help make a difference by donating funds or your time. Thank you for caring,” Rick Hodgkinson, CEO and President at Galaxy.

Terry Fox Foundation

Galaxy is very committed to this amazing legacy. Some of their employees are on the organizing committee for the St. Catharines Terry Fox Run. Not only does Galaxy generously support this financially but they allow their staff time to engage in multiple community events.

You Can Make a Difference. Donate today!

Terry Fox Run 2021 Supported by Galaxy

The annual flag raising ceremony for the Terry Fox Run at City Hall St Catharines!

39th Annual Terry Fox Run 2019

Supporting UMIND and youth mental health

Galaxy Broadband is a proud partner of the Kids’ Health Links Foundation (KHLF) and its UMIND Initiative targeting youth mental health and addiction issues facing Canada’s remote, rural and First Nations communities. Consider these statistics:

  • Only 1 in 6 children in need of mental health services receives formal treatment, with barriers to treatment more prevalent in remote, rural communities.
  • National rates of suicide among Aboriginal youth are estimated to be five to six times higher than among non-aboriginal youth.

Through this initiative, KHLF Ambassadors will work with community leaders and health professionals to actively address the unique mental health needs and challenges of children, youth and their families in these communities. They will do so by:

  • Gathering feedback and information on the unique practical tools and programs currently being used in these remote areas.
  • Identifying gaps.
  • Sharing the tools and strategies in best practices offered by the UMIND online community.
  • Exploring ways UMIND can be tailored to better serve the unique needs within these communities.

By partnering with KHLF and UMIND, Galaxy Broadband is committed to actively support this important initiative to ensure these communities are able to access these valuable resources.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – World Health Organization

Military Casualty Support Foundation

The Military Casualty Support Foundation (MCSF) has been founded for the benefit of our casualties and their families, who have suffered an immeasurable loss by carrying out their duties for Canada on peacekeeping missions in war ravaged countries.

There are approximately 1100 young men and women listed as casualties with the military at this time who are in need of our support.

In co-operation with the Ministry of Defence, our goal is to provide emergency financial relief to meet the needs of the victims of these conflicts, that are beyond government programs, as expeditiously as possible.

In response to a need for support to our wounded military and their families, The Military Casualty Support Foundation has been created to more expeditiously fill the gaps not currently met through the current programs and services.

This foundation will provide additional funding for needs such as:

  • Psychiatric and medical care to meet the needs of the wounded, their children and/or spouses
  • Sports equipment for permanently wounded military to enhance their lifestyle and enable them to participate in such programs as the Paralympics
  • Any medical devices to improve their way of life and provide them the means to interact independently on a daily basis
  • Any other requirements and/or wants as needed.

The MCSF fund will grow through the contributions of private citizens and corporations through participation in fundraising events.