National Technical Field Services

National Technical Field Services

Welcome to National Technical Field Services (NTFS) a nationally recognised and awarded leader in the management and field service of business communications needs. Utilizing our network of over 65 trained installers and technicians across Canada, NTFS, since it’s inception has installed thousands of satellite terminals, local WiFi networks, structured cabling installs, EVDO links, as well as digital signage projects. For many of these sites NTFS is under contract to provide same day or next day field service and maintenance.

NTFS can help you today with your project installs and service for Satellite Antennas, Digital Signage, Wi-Fi installations, POS connectivity, Structured Cabling, EVDO, Signal Boost installs and more…

Wherever your need, NTFS can be there!

National Technical Field Services


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Keep your business moving forward

Let NTFS focus on your project, so you can pay attention to what really matters – your business.

Improve Customer Experiences

The sky’s the limit for your next commercial-grade network, audio/visual, or multimedia deployment. Whether you need a standard menu installation or an interactive kiosk to ‘wow’ retail customers, we can help.

Better Manage Costs

Control costs and improve profitability without the additional costs of hiring additional staff and training technicians. Our nationwide network of technicians are trained and certified by NTFS to ensure you get top-notch talent.

Increase Efficiencies

Focus on your core business priorities by outsourcing critical deployment, installation, and management of technical projects. No matter how complex, our team of experts can get your project deployed quickly.

Reduce Risk

Don’t run the risk of missing a critical installation deadline. With NTFS’s extensive experience and skilled team of installers, we’ll help you meet your installation deadline and exceed customer expectations at every turn.

Digital Signage

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a network of video displays placed in a variety of out-of-home (OOH) settings, to communicate timely and relevant messages to defined audiences.

These can be video screen advertising or ambiance-creators targeted to viewers at checkout lines, or digital ‘billboards’ often seen on highways to warn of traffic, or for high profile advertising along roadways.

Digital signage is more cost-effective and flexible than other forms of mass visual communications. Nothing comes close to digital signage in attracting viewers’ attention, providing timely information, managing large crowds, or influencing purchase decisions.

Now with technology changing and flat screen installations everywhere, we feel our techs have more to offer when it comes to experience in the Digital Signage Field.

Due to the ever-changing technology that is being used, we have a field force that includes Satellite Technicians, Wi-Fi Technicians, and Telco Technicians. This diversity in our field force allows National Technical Field Services to accommodate any scope of work.

VSAT Systems

Corporate Communications?
Corporate Communications provides direct reception of satellite transmissions or receive only broadcasts on a large scale. NTFS has been in the Communication business for over 25 years. You might say we cut our teeth on receive only satellite dish installations and roll outs.

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal)
A two-way satellite ground or maritime station, either stabilized or mobile, with a small dish antenna. Typically, VSAT is used for narrowband point of sales transactions or broadband for remote broadcast, satellite Internet, mobile communications, and VoIP.

What Makes NTFS Different?
NTFS has developed a number of long-term relationships with major system integrators in the satellite industry. In this manner, we have successfully installed and maintained networks for many major companies, network operators and government agencies.

Over the years, the satellite industry has changed dramatically as systems have become far more intricate and sophisticated, requiring technicians who are skilled in a variety of electronic, computer, and networking disciplines.
NTFS has established a network of over 65 highly trained Satellite

Technicians across Canada. This abundant Satellite Technician field force allows NTFS to meet the manpower needs of any planned rollout, and to have trained technicians available to cover even the most remote regions of Canada.

Structured Cabling

What is Structured Cabling?
Structured Cabling is defined as building telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements called subsystems. Structured cabling falls into the following six sub-systems:

  • Entrance Facilities – where the building interfaces with the outside world.
  • Equipment Rooms – housing equipment which serves the users inside a building.
  • Telecommunications Rooms – where telecommunication and data equipment reside, connecting the backbone and horizontal cabling sub-systems.
  • Backbone Cabling – carries signals between the entrance facilities, equipment rooms, and telecommunication rooms.
  • Horizontal Cabling – wiring from telecommunication rooms to the individual outlets on the floor.
  • Work-Area Components – connect end-user equipment to the outlets of the horizontal cabling system.

NTFS is a communications resource for all your organisation’s network infrastructure needs. The NTFS team of seasoned technicians install and support all components for Structured Cable Systems, including ladder racking, cable trays, conduit, j-hooks, relay racks, server racks, cabinets, and all telecommunications needs for a properly installed Structured Cable System.

Camera and Thermal Camera Systems

What are Thermal Camera Systems?
At airports, office buildings, restaurants and other mass gathering venues, thermal cameras are forming the first line of defense for companies managing the risks associated with a global pandemic. These companies are using thermal cameras for screening needed to help detect people with signs of elevated temperature.

The NTFS team of seasoned technicians install and support all components of Thermal Camera Systems. Or any camera system utilizing our network of over 65 installers across Canada.

NTFS is a professional infrastructure and maintenance management company. We provide a communications resource for all your organization’s network infrastructure needs

EVDO (Cellular primary and backup installations.)

Installation of wireless LTE/3G/4G (based on geographical location and service availability) with lead Canadian wireless providers like Telus and Rogers using their SIM cards in various wireless networking modems like Cradlepoint and Sierra Wireless. This technology has been successfully implemented and used at many big box retailers mostly for their backup connectivity on their PoS systems.


Comprehensive Installation Services – Nationwide
We cover everything from design, deployment, and management of single site installations to national rollouts.
With more than 10 years of experience, NTFS offers comprehensive installation services delivered by a network of over 65 expert technicians, and highly experienced project managers. Together they successfully deploy digital signage, menu boards, traffic counters, kiosks, VoIP, wireless networks, SD-WAN and much more for clients of all sizes.

About Us

National Technical Field Services (NTFS) is a nationally recognised leader in the management of installation and maintenance of Vsat Systems, Digital Signage EVDO, Structured Cabling wherever your need throughout Canada.

NTFS has developed a number of long-term relationships with system integrators like Hughes Networks, Orange Business Services, Expedition Communications, Satellite Engineering Group (Wesco) and World Cinema amongst others.

Over the years the industry has changed dramatically, with systems becoming more sophisticated, requiring technicians skilled in a variety of disciplines, and held accountable to NTFS best practices. In addition, far more competition and more pressure to streamline operations has resulted from the rapid growth in internet and it’s applications and the ever increasing need for economical deployments.

The relationships that NTFS has developed with our contractors is not the traditional prime and subcontractor relationship but has become more of an expanding partnership. Many of our contractors have worked with NTFS since our inception.

These contractors are businessman in their own communities and have invaluable knowledge regarding the best methods of performing the necessary work in their own

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regions of the country. Although independent businesses they give NTFS priority on assigning technicians and performing work based on long standing relationships and volume.

NTFS is the exclusive partner of Hughes Networks and their business network services in Canada, providing installation and on-call maintenance service to over 3000 circuits in Canada.

In our 10+ year relationship with Hughes, NTFS has been awarded numerous North American, Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, for our prompt response times and quality of work amongst other criteria.

NTFS with our service management portal and 24/7 operations will continue to ensure that our clients can depend on us for work that ensures all systems will be installed and maintain safely, expeditiously and economically.

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