Galaxy provides Internet for various remote commercial businesses: large logistic companies, gas stations, lodges, and factories, regardless if the business is outside the fibre/wireless coverage area.

Providing Commercial Businesses With The Best Connectivity

Commercial businesses like lodges, large logistic companies, gas stations, and factories need to connect their locations with high-speed broadband as they are often outside the fibre/wireless coverage area. With one Galaxy dish, the entire complex can have high-speed Internet and phone service.

Even if they can obtain a terrestrial link, today’s businesses require a back-up connection for when their fibre connection cuts out. No longer does your commercial business have to worry about where your plant or hotel location will be located; Galaxy can deliver the connectivity solutions to run your business wherever you are.

VPN applications can be eliminated by cross-connecting at one of the POP locations, enabling a direct connection – no need for a VPN.


How Galaxy provides connectivity

Galaxy has access to multiple satellites across North America, along with multiple frequency allocations. Regardless of how remote your business is, we have the right solution to provide the bandwidth and speed you need for your business.

Services We Provide

  • Quality of Service (QoS) that provides crystal clear phone service
  • Static IP for POS (debit/credit card machine)
  • 24/7 Live customer support

Let’s Talk

Talk to us about your remote communication needs and we will deliver a high-performance solution on time, on budget, and with a guaranteed service level agreement.