Back up/Failover Service Solutions

Businesses today cannot afford to be offline for any period of time and suffer the losses and inconvenience that are a result of this. Galaxy believes in a SDWAN network approach that would include their OneWeb LEO services, which are “transformational” for Satellite clients, Private Wireless and Fibre Services across Canada.  “Galaxy designs solutions that understand and fulfill client requirements, that are telecom grade solutions with a lifespan of five to fifteen years.” states Rick Hodgkinson, President, and CEO of Galaxy. “Having multiple WANs in a SDWAN configuration is the only approach to prevent outages.”

To protect against outages or service declines, Galaxy network designs are based on operational continuity as well as customer reporting that allows clients to depend on the services that are being supplied and the performance of those services. In addition, Galaxy builds in redundancy into our solutions to mitigate the probability of outages. Galaxy’s SMARTSite service is built on the idea that Internet access is a business requirement and through the SMARTSite service, incidents are identified at the earliest indication and resolved in the timeliest manner.

Rick reminds us that “Galaxy has never forgotten our customers and why we provide telecommunication services. We are proud of our 30 years of service with over 20,000 installs on all three coasts and many points in between.”

Outages can be mitigated with a solid network design of redundant technologies that respond to poor network performance to the point of a full outage. One of the approaches that Galaxy has implemented is SD-Wan technology with two different types of transport or providers, to mitigate service outages. This type of solution reacts in real-time to change the routing of packets from one provider to another in the event one provider is having issues. Another approach is to provide reporting and alerting to clients for them to monitor or through the SMARTSite service that has Galaxy monitor and provide proactive solutions to reduce poor performance or downtime.

As a business, one needs to ask themselves what does it cost us and our customers when our network fails? This can be lost production, lower productivity, possibly the total failure of operations and the accompanying decline in their business reputation to name a few. The bottom line is that these costs can add up quickly and need to be understood prior to committing to a connection strategy.
Galaxy understands the requirements for network services, whether they are technical, business or reputation. Please contact our office and start an honest discussion about your requirements, Galaxy’s solutions and how we can help your company avoid a network outage by using a Galaxy Failover link and Managed Services.

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