Maximize your bandwidth, faster downloads and increase your user experiences

Galaxy’s Accelerator PRO offers an integrated satellite WAN optimization and acceleration service through a technology partnership with XipLink. Galaxy and XipLink have worked at integrating the XipLink appliance into Galaxy’s SkyCarrier line of dedicated satellite WANs.

Why the ACCELERATOR PRO service?

  • Lowest cost to entry in the industry – No large up front hardware purchases.
  • Maximum efficiency through Galaxy integration.
  • Improves QoE end user experience by application.
  • Cloud based apps: Microsoft 365, Google Apps etc. have noted significant QOE improvements.
  • Squeeze more packets into the Galaxy SkyCarrier links: optimizing satellite bandwidth by using every available bit.
  • Improve link usage by 25% (averaged optimization based on existing deployments)
  • Managed Service: Supported internally by GalaxyBroadband in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Intelligent traffic shaping
  • Hierarchical QoS classes
  • Understands link state
  • Configurable committed, maximum rates
  • Bandwidth reduction for VoIP, Skype & small Packets

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