A New Way to Connect Remote & Rural Canadian Enterprises – Introducing OneWeb & Galaxy

A New Way to Connect Remote & Rural Canadian Enterprises – Introducing OneWeb & Galaxy

OneWeb and Galaxy are collaborating to build customer-focused enterprise solutions. Together enabling a LTE-like connectivity experience for everyone, everywhere.

Galaxy has a team of experts ready to address your connectivity concerns of Protection for People, Assets, Environment and Data, as well as enabling services for Business Communications and Morale Services, in a safer more sustainable connection.

OneWeb, powered by the newest low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication network, brings a new way to connect in Canada. With national delivery and flexible hardware installation, we have removed barriers to access internet in remote and rural areas.


Now, you’ll be able to connect and access applications from anywhere:

  • Energy Sectors
  • Utilities
  • Emergency responders
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Services
  • Education
  • Government
  • Mining

Advanced Connectivity Management

  • Flexible, scalable site connectivity options: IPVPN, Business Access and IP Access
  • Guaranteed packet delivery and CIR
  • Primary connection for un-served sites or as a complementary solution to increase capacity, availability or lower latency

LTE-like performance

  • <70 ms latency from Terminal to Galaxy’s Point of Presences enabling support to real-time applications and cloud architectures
  • Terminal download speeds up to 195 Mbps
  • Always on, resilient and secure

Seamless coverage

  • 100% complete global coverage

Multi-network solutions

  • Easy integration using Galaxy’s SDWAN solution

Many customer applications

  • Enterprise primary and back-up, cloud migrations, critical communications, community aggregation, and cellular backaul
  • Supports all cloud, video collaboration, voice and latency sensitive applications

Easy deployment

  • Quick Canada wide deployment
  • Flexible hardware installation
  • Installation and implementation support from Galaxy at any site for enhanced user experience

Innovative network technology

  • Superior low earth orbit satellite comms
  • Ground network in Canada
  • Galaxy provided upstream including IP’s and network Peering
  • Supported by Galaxy’s Canadian 24 x 7 Customer Care Center

We work hard to understand our customer’s needs and engineer solutions to deliver the best Quality of Experience (QoE) to ensure we are meeting budgets and timelines. 

About Galaxy Broadband

  • Galaxy as a company is 100% dedicated to communications solutions in remote hard-to-reach areas.
  • More satellite space spectrum under long-term contract than virtually any other commercial grade Internet service provider in North America (C, Ku and Ka Band).
  • Variety of available connections to meet customers’ requirements: dedicated, lightly contended, monthly capped or unlimited, SCADA and emergency connections.
  • Galaxy deploys world class network monitoring systems and managed services supported by a professionally-trained team of support staff and network engineers based in our 24/7 Network Operations Centre.
  • Galaxy is the only Enterprise KA-band network in Canada; offering burst speeds up to 80Mbps with guaranteed CIR; compared to other providers who strictly deploy a “best effort” network.
  • Galaxy has led the market place through innovative solutions and exceptional engineering and support systems for more than two decades.
  • Galaxy’s SKYCARRIER is a hybrid service that combines the dedicated upload of a SCPC link while bursting on the download into an 80 Mbps or greater.
  • Wireless tower infrastructure able to support 100Mbps P2P links into Alberta’s and British Columbia’s resource sectors.

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