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Managed Services

Galaxy’s proprietary SkyNET Management Unit (SMU) and  Managed Services  programs are specifically designed for large camp internet service and based on many years of experience with real world applications and users.  Coupled with world class traffic management systems, this proprietary edge and hub based systems are uniquely capable of keeping the camp network clean of viruses, malware, and unwanted traffic to give customers the most possible use of the available bandwidth.

Through Galaxy’s SKYNET Managed Services, Galaxy offers customers and business partners the highest level of service and support. High availability, customized solutions and QoS guarantees provide significant connectivity improvements that deliver business process advantages to the most remote and intensive network users. This includes proactive monitoring and usage notifications.

SKYNET network services provide customers with tools and solutions that allow managers and decision makers to control access, user experience and costs. Galaxy also has the solutions for your data delivery requirements of VPNsCitrix and other applications, as well as mobile sites, to name a few.

The SMU (SKYNET Management Unit) is a Galaxy Managed Service that offers Camp Providers and Remote Office locations the ability to control Internet costs on a per user basis. Galaxy provides you with a turnkey control service that enables QoS and individual access controls while maximizing individual user experience. 

Manage hundreds of individual Internet user’s access with the Galaxy SMU. Galaxy’s ‘per user’ control and usage helps regulate and manage overall costs while maximizing user experience. The Galaxy SMU allows individuals to supplement the free bandwidth and access a premium service “Pay2Go” for more demanding users willing to pay for it. 

SkyNET Management Unit (SMU) features:

  • Traffic Management: divide available speed and bandwidth amongst individual users to maintain an equal opportunity and similar experience
  • Multiple devices with quota or single user and log in that can help restrict users to a singular quota
  • Multiple profiles for various user groups
  • Content Filtering: Allow or block specific high bandwidth activities throughout the network to moderate bandwidth consumption
  • Prevents viruses and other malware
  • Helps camp operators manage their bandwidth budget
  • Weekly reports