Internet via Satellite

Quite often, business can take you places beyond the reach of wireless, fibre or cellular communications. Satellite Internet powered by Galaxy’s networks offer an innovative and cost-effective solution wherever customers may go. Whether the need is for data, Voice Over IP (VoIP), backup redundancy, video streaming, large camp communication, bandwidth management, and more, Galaxy can provide a custom solution to suit every clients’ needs.

Galaxy’s two-way satellite communications solution allows both the upload and download to occur through the Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) at each client’s site. There is no need for a phone line.

Satellite communications through Galaxy can work virtually anywhere with a clear view to the sky. Unlike terrestrial microwave service, satellites do not rely on the proximity to wireless towers and the requirement for an unobstructed line-of-sight.

Galaxy holds long-term leases on several high throughput satellites, enabling a wide selection of bandwidth services. We have services all across North America including the High Artic.

Unlike most consumer-grade satellite Internet providers, Galaxy does not practice “best effort” network management. The Galaxy networks offer a true enterprise-grade service with total redundancy and a complete management system in place to allow for a consistent, predictable, and reliable service.