Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I watch movies online with Galaxy Broadband?

Small video clips can be streamed online (ie. YouTube) and the amount of streaming available depends on your service plan. However, we do not recommend streaming high throughput applications (ie. Netflix, Apple TV) that are designed for Cable and DSL connections. Using high throughput video streaming applications can cause you to exceed the Soft Download Cap. Alternatively, we have an unlimited download free period from 2 AM to 7 AM local time where you can download larger files such as movies without any slowdown.


2. What is the Soft Download Cap?

To ensure equal Internet access for all subscribers, Galaxy Broadband maintains a running average Fair Access Policy (FAP). Fair Access establishes an equitable balance in internet access across satellite broadband services by service plan for all Galaxy customers regardless of their frequency of use or volume of traffic. Each service plan has a ‘Daily Download Threshold’ which is measured in Megabytes (MB). If the customer uses their daily limit the internet speed will throttle back to about a dialup connection and will stay there for about 8 – 24 hours while the system refreshes itself. There are no extra charges. 


3. What happens if I exceed my Soft Download Cap?

If your usage exceeds your plan’s Soft Download Cap, your download speed is temporarily reduced for about 24 hours (or longer if you continue to download). In such cases, Galaxy offers Restore Tokens that can be purchased by logging in to you’re My Galaxy account. By purchasing a Restore Token, your Daily Allowance is immediately reset, returning you to full speed. Your Download Allowance is not changed by purchasing a Token, and this fresh Download Allowance does not roll over into the next 24-hour period.


4. Can I play online games with Galaxy satellite internet?

Real-time online gaming, particularly “twitch/shooter” games, played on XBOX Live or The Playstation Network are not recommended with satellite internet due to the sub-second delay. You can play games which are not time sensitive such as poker, Facebook games, etc.


5.  What is latency and how does it affect satellite internet?

Latency refers to the time it takes data to travel across a network. A satellite network has greater latency due to the time it takes for the signal to travel to and from the satellite. Since most communications satellites are located in a geostationary orbit about 35,786 Km (22,223 mi.) above the Equator, you can expect a delay of about 500 to 800 milliseconds or approximately one half of a second delay to the overall response time between your computer and a host site or web server. 

Business applications which have protocols that require sub second response times will be affected by increased latency and are not recommended for use over satellite. A few examples are VoIP, video conferencing, remote desktop and Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Talk to your software supplier or network integrator for more details.


6. Does Galaxy Broadband provide satellite television along with internet service?

For over 20 years, Galaxy Broadband has provided satellite internet service for residential, small business, enterprise and government sectors. At this time we do not provide satellite television.


7. Can I install my own satellite hardware?

Certified installers for Galaxy are required because, unlike satellite TV, Industry Canada regulations prohibit self-installs of satellite transmission equipment by the general public. As a result, every system sold must be installed by a certified installer.


8. Can I put my service on hold?

You can put the service on seasonal hold for up to six months once per calendar year for a small standby fee of $15 per month. The period of time your service is on hold will be added to your contract end date to complete minimum contract term. You can still access your Galaxy email while your service is on hold.


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