Why Galaxy

Life just got better with Galaxy’s high speed Internet and VoIP phone service. Now, no matter where you live or work, you can access all that the World Wide Web has to offer: Bank online, shop, research, check the scores, send pictures, download music and files or chat with friends. Businesses can now access high speed Internet and increase productivity which means increasing the bottom line. The Galaxy Broadband connection also provides e-mail accounts and storage space. Access your web mail anywhere in the world…from any computer.


" When my fiancé and I moved back to our acreage from the city, my business as a realtor was crippled. I couldn't even send a 7-page contract through my web-based fax and his career as a web site developer came to a standstill. Thanks to Galaxy, we are back on track and are as busy as ever. I thank my lucky stars every day that I didn't decide to wait until high-speed came to our area!"

-Lori Hunt, Sherwood Park, AB

Whether you are on dial up or switching from another so called high speed provider, Galaxy will deliver fast, reliable and affordable broadband Internet.

Join us today and you will quickly see how. Life just got better…


“We live in a remote location with no phone service where we generate our own electricity. Still, we needed to be connected. We use Galaxy’s satellite internet service to surf the web, download course curriculums for our children’s home schooling and for email – we even set up Vonage VoIP with Galaxy. So, while we live remotely, we no longer feel remote.”

- Gary Lowe, McBride, BC

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