Skynet Management Unit

Galaxy’s SKYNET Management Unit (SMU) is a key component in our managed services offering. The SMU is a firewall, Anti-Virus, Security device and Layer 7 traffic management device.

This is the ultimate all-in-one solution for remote camps, offices and campuses – connectivity that is cost-effective and complete.



 1.     Meets your Budget

The SMU allows Galaxy to control all bandwidth activity to ensure usage and dollar budgets are met and individual experiences are exceeded. Now you have total control!

 2.     Manages Access for Users

Galaxy’s SMU provides fair and equitable access according to your camp’s requirements. It also controls access to data, internet, wireless access points and our new Fast PBX.

 3.     Provides Monitoring and Detailed Reports

Feed back is critical to managing results and Galaxy provides full weekly reports that illustrate bandwidth use, protocols accessed, top users and more

Galaxy will monitor the activity & traffic at the site daily and make the necessary adjustments to maximize the available bandwidth for the highest percentage of users in the camp.

 4.     Supports Multiple Users & Multiple Devices

The SMU has full capability to provide connectivity from 30 to 1,000+ users. Individual VLANs for office, contractors and morale service can all be managed including VIPs.

 5.     Requires Zero Maintenance & Easy to Use

The SMU is completely managed remotely for quick and easy modifications. The system is updated automatically that keeps the antivirus, Malware, Intrusion Prevention and Ad Block updated as well as the current user profiles at all times. 

Customers can request more bandwidth at any time. Galaxy’s Managed Services will make the necessary adjustments to the traffic management policies.


Download the SMU info sheet