SCOUT is a quick-deploy satellite antenna system with VoIP for those who require a rugged, easily transportable communication solution. With simple assembly and pointing procedures customers with minimal training can connect to the internet within minutes. Available with low cost data plans and fully supported crystal-clear and consistent VoIP service. A portable single box solution ideally suited for clients that are moving frequently in remote locations and require quick, easy, and reliable communications.

The SCOUT is powered by the Galaxy SKYDATA satellite network, offering customers and business partners the highest level of service and support 24/7. SkyDATA service plans offer a wide variety of enterprise services along with customizable packages to meet your communication needs. DataSkyVOICEFax, and Radio over IP are all fully supported.

Why pay the high cost of satellite phones? Avoid the high cost of remote installation!

The SCOUT quick-deploy is an all-in-one system with step-by-step instructions to help quickly and easily assemble, point, and commission the VSAT. Included with the system are all the necessary tools, instructions, network diagrams and VSAT hardware, along with a high quality VoIP router, and a reliable Wireless Access Point.

The SCOUT is well-designed for industries such as mining exploration, oil & gas, constructiondisaster recoverysearch & rescuebusiness continuity, and any other remote communication industries. Whether you require service at a fly-in only location, or require the unit to be included in the back of an SUV, ATV or helicopter, the SCOUT is designed to do the job. 

SCOUT key features:

  • Easy assembly and quick-deploy system, communicating within minutes
  • Rugged crate design suitable for most environments and aircraft delivery
  • Reliable communications powered by the SKYDATA network
  • More affordable than other highly engineered cases
  • Wireless Access Point included to setup a WIFI network for area coverage
  • VoIP router included, providing crystal-clear calling over the SKYVOICE network
  • Custom service plans available