Galaxy has set the benchmark in cost-effective, high quality service to customers in the business, enterprise and government sectors with its SKYDATA network.

SKYDATA, powered by DVB-S2 ACM hubs, enables Galaxy to offer customers and business partners the highest level of support and service.

Some SkyDATA features include:

  • High network availability
  • Fully supported VoIP over satellite
  • VPN acceleration
  • Secure and encrypted service
  • 24/7 engineering support

Galaxy delivers a trustworthy solution with SkyDATA’s custom packages and lower contended service plans. Galaxy also ensures few performance fluctuations with reliable industry-leading technology and our integrated management tools

SkyDATA solutions are completely scalable, allowing for modifiable traffic management rules, service speed, or throughput quotas with one quick call. Galaxy’s services guarantees real-time reporting, bundled with sentinel markets. There are options such as “Hard CAPs” and “Soft CAPs” unlimited with usage based billing.
Galaxy’s extensive engineering capability allows them to work with clients’ IT resources at the highest level to customize service plans and prioritize specific applications as needed for maximum end user performance.

In addition to custom service plans, Galaxy offers two approaches to monthly billing: Usage Based Budget (no overages!) or Predictable Set Pricing backed by strong reporting. 

SkyDATA (TDMA) markets: