SkyCARRIER is Galaxy’s 4th Generation IP Over Satellite Service


  • Unprecedented satellite internet speeds: up to 50 Mbps on a single V-Sat!
  • Full range of plans operates on a 1.8M 3W/5W — LOW CAPEX cost. 
  • Perfect fit with all business application (SAP, Microsoft's Skype for Business, Exchange, VPN etc
  • Unlimited monthly upload throughput via dedicated SCPC low latency (550 to 600 and extremely low jitter)
  • Download throughputs available unlimited or usage packages
  • Add the Galaxy SKYVOICE VoIP integrated service for a complete data and voice solution

Other Specs:

  • Functions on a Multiple Carrier Per Channel (MCPC) transport
  • Provides Layer 2 service
  • Delivers enough bandwidth for a 50-man camp, up to a 1,000-man camp


  • Any remote office, nursing stations, schools, libraries or any other institution requiring large amounts of bandwidth 
    with lower latency and jitter requirements.
  • Large Camps (up to 1000 men)
  • Large remote work offices (up to 100+ users) *(application performance QOS available)*
  • VoIP and Video Conferencing
  • Live Video uploads, teleconferencing and TeleMedicine
  • Compatible with Riverbed and other 3rd party accelerators
  • CAD drawings and large document/file uploads are managed very effeminately.

Galaxy’s new service plans and terminals deliver dedicated upload speeds, burstable download rates up to 50Mbps tied to a guaranteed CIR with an emphasis on business application performance. Galaxy has placed a large emphasis on application performance when designing and building this new service. Applications such as IPSEC VPN clients, Microsoft LYNC/Skype for Business, SharePoint, SAP, Citrix as well as VoIP trunks and video conference feeds work “out of the box”. The terminal modems are capable of full VLAN trunking over the Satellite link; additionally, they can serve as transparent L2 bridges but still capable of applying QoS/COS and shapers to the L2 trunks. This feature allows for seamless integration of a customer's private network switching/routing rule set to integrate into Galaxy’s satellite modem. The hardware used on this service is capable of pushing 250,000 packets per second.

Galaxy’s SKYCARRIER network has been deployed, tested and proven on high profile sites and is ready to power your next major remote internet deployment!