Satellite solutions for the Utilities industry


Connectivity For The Utilities Industry

Whether your company produces or delivers electricity, drinking water or natural gas, Galaxy can provide you high-speed broadband. Galaxy can connect your SCADA (Machine to Machine) applications with low-speed CIR service For your remote generating locations that require monitoring.

From wind power turbines to hydro-generating stations, Galaxy can provide reliable and consistent connectivity wherever you require it. Even Smart Metering networks can have some pockets of dead zones with traditional providers but Galaxy can supply satellite solutions that will complete your network.

"Your explanation about using satellite systems and why the utilities are deploying this technology was really interesting. I think Galaxy will do well with the utility companies in the US because there are many areas where traditional tower structures are not going to be permitted and running a cable is going to be cost prohibitive." - Brian Teague, Business Development Manager, Hubbell Power Systems.



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Remote generating stations require a reliable Internet connection to transmit data at unmanned locations.


Galaxy’s fixed dish system provides dependable CIR connectivity for critical low bandwidth applications. 


7 x 24 monitoring of all sites no matter where they are, guaranteed data rates for dependability, interfaces with hundreds of different SCADA protocols.

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