Satellite solutions for remote camps


Connectivity for MWR Remote Camps

Galaxy has been providing solutions to remote camps in the mining and oil & gas industries, focusing on morale, welfare and recreation services, for over 10 years. Whether service is required at a small exploration camp with a few workers or a large isolated semi-permanent camp of 1,000 workers, no job is too small or too large for Galaxy.

Broadband internet service is important for workers’ morale when on location at a remote camp. If workers do not have a stable and reliable connection they will become frustrated and have an unpleasant experience, which inevitably affects a company's productivity and efficiency. The internet is viewed by most users as a utility designed to work when they want it, like turning on a water tap.

There has been a large increase in the number of devices that are attempting to get online for entertainment and social activities. This has resulted in a higher demand for bandwidth amongst users in the camp. Bandwidth consumption must be managed properly to make sure each user has an equal opportunity and similar experience.

SkyNET Management Unit (SMU) features:

  • Open access or user login options
  • Unlimited access or Quota based allocations
  • VIP access offering special performance and QoS
  • Controlled cost Quota Based Billing (no overages) or Usage Based Billing (you pay for what you use only – good for seasonal occupancy) with a variety of throughput packages available.
  • Customized Splash Page notifications.
  • Our sales Engineering team will work with camp operators to design to the traffic management policies to maximize the available bandwidth for camp-wide use. Our Managed services group will follow up multiple time to make adjustments as necessary. This network management service coupled with 24 x 7 monitoring can deliver up 30% - 50% improvements in bandwidth utilization.
  • Traffic Management: divide available speed and bandwidth amongst individual users to maintain an equal opportunity and similar experience
  • Content Filtering: Allow or block specific high bandwidth activities throughout the network to moderate bandwidth consumption
  • Prevents viruses and other malware
  • Helps camp operators manage their bandwidth budget

Why you need a Galaxy solution for your camp:

  • To offer your camp a fully managed service predictable experience as compared to a "best effort" free for all. Galaxy Does Not use consumer class services repackaged
  • Ensure each individual user has fair access to a consistent network
  • Improve camp morale by granting workers access to a reliable enterprise network
  • Receive a dedicated profile for the office connection, unaffected by the workers’ usage
  • Combine the Internet with GALAXY’s crystal clear and dependable phone service
  • Calling card option available for workers, with allocated talk time minutes
  • Customize the internet service by choosing to allow or block specific applications

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Offering Internet service to remote camps is becoming more of a necessity and a more difficult proposition. Due to the dramatic increase in the number of devices, looking for a stable connection for both office and MWR camp, operators are facing more and more complaints, along with increasing costs. Even if the camp has access to a good terrestrial service, network management is essential.


Galaxy’s proprietary SkyNET Management Unit (SMU) coupled with our 24 x 7 Managed Services allows camp operators to manage bandwidth consumption and costs on a per user basis while ensuring all users have an equal opportunity and similar experience. A predictable experience.


Camp operators can offer their employees a more predictable and reliable service to boost camp morale without compromising the service in the office and all within budgets.