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How the Mining Industry Uses Broadband Services

Whether it is for open pit or for exploration, Galaxy has the right enterprise connectivity solution for your mining company. Galaxy’s high-speed Internet service can be delivered with either a fixed VSAT dish or quick deploy mobile SCOUT. The SCOUT can be installed on a flat ground area, moved in at the back of a pickup truck or flown in by helicopter. It is a satellite in a box and can be operational within minutes.

This system comes standard with Galaxy’s SkyVOICE phone solution and wireless access for a complete communications strategy.

To support your permanent facilities, our SKYCARRIER solution operates in C-band or Ka band.

34% of the mining sites in Canada are currently subscribed to a Galaxy service.

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“The portable unit was quickly deployed by our crew and the technical support was very helpful and available. We used it for about two months and the link was very stable and dependable, we never experienced any slowdowns or disconnections during that period. We were very pleased with the overall experience and we will use a SCOUT unit the next time we need an Internet and phone connection remotely!”
Maxim Belleau, Technical Electronics Supervisor, Abitibi Geophysics Inc.

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Mining companies require for the exploration activites a secure and reliable connection that can move wherever they go and allow them to pick up right where they left off.


Galaxy’s SCOUT offers ease of mobility, simple deployment and reliability.


Communications that can be deployed or moved within minutes, ability to communicate information in real-time, no field technician needed, and the ability to have a standardized fleet for communications.