Satellite solutions for Government facilities


Broadband Services for Government

Galaxy has been providing Government broadband solutions for many years. These solutions have been selected for several reasons but the main strength is the security and consistency of the networks. Government departments around the world feel confident to deploy on the Galaxy networks.

This year Galaxy helped Parks Canada deliver the video telecast of the dive on the Franklin expedition. This was performed in the harsh Arctic but with a high resolution quality and high reliability.

Whether it is for National Defense or Ministry of Natural Resources, Galaxy provides complete broadband and VoIP phone integrated service that is secure and dependable.

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Government services increasingly rely on the Internet, and their offices are in remote or undeserved locations. These services are not available to the population due to poor or inconsistent internet access. 


Galaxy can design, deploy, and offer technical support services on small to very large satellite links achieving 80Mbps. VLAN tagging, Layer 2 and site edge devices can combine to deliver a reliable, secure connection. Our Engineers work closely with government IT to seamlessly integrate our networks. Our Remote IT services can also help reduce the need for travel since many locations don’t have ready access to IT support.


High security for classified information, high uptime of the networks provides a reliable, consistent, and expected results day in and day out.