Satellite solutions for the Emergency Response industries

Emergency Response

Providing Emergency Communications

Companies, NGOs and Government agencies are turning to Galaxy for mobile high-speed Internet. Temporary command posts can be up and operational in minutes with the auto-deploy Sentinel system. City and state response teams can now have Internet and VoIP phone service whenever and wherever they require it.

Galaxy’s monthly standby service is ready when you need it with basic bandwidth included. Units can be purchased or rented to fit any budget. 

“The network serves at local, regional and state levels during disasters. We need to access the network with our auto-deploy equipment and I have been pleased with this solution.”
- Patrick Repman, District Fire Chief, Midland Fire Department

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When there is an emergency or natural disaster and traditional communication services will often be one of the first to be affected.


Galaxy’s Auto-Deploy Sentinel and SkyVOICE service offers communications within minutes, allowing for an Internet connection and phone service with the push of a button. 


Companies and Government agencies have the ability to reinstate communication in minutes, not days. Outside help is able to respond to the needs of the victims at site, SkyVOICE services allow for multiple clear, low latency phone lines, to increase efficiency of relief efforts.