Satellite solutions for the construction industry

Construction Projects

Making Remote Projects More Efficient

If you are building roads, bridges or plants in an area that lacks cell or wireless Internet services; and you need to send and receive blueprints, drawings, and e-mails; and then Galaxy can help.

Galaxy can mount a complete dish system on the top of your trailer or on a ground pad and couple it with wireless hot spots, to deliver a fast and reliable broadband to your entire project. Galaxy’s SkyCARRIER network is a full layer 2 or 3 service that is scalable SkyVOICE VoIP phone service gives you crystal clear reception and low latency.

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Construction sites in remote locations are struggling to have a functional office able to send and receive documents from the field reliably and quickly. For quasi-remote locations with poor or inconsistent service or the very remote, offices operations need connectivity and voice communications they can rely upon.


Galaxy’s SkyCARRIER network is available anywhere and deploys quickly within days. Our SkyVOICE VoIP service offers exceptional clarity and low latency for true business class conversation capability and full features like Voice Mail. Our solutions offer a fully functional office with high speed Internet bursting up to 80Mbps and unlimited or packaged throughput options. VLAN routing for superior application performance. Layer 2 for seamless integration and private network hosting services fully supported with our 24/ X 7 NOC.


Increase communications so timelines can be met; provide large file size drawings that can be sent and received; increase efficiency of workers; all the while remaining cost effective and reliable. Our services can fill in for onsite IT staff cutting costs for our customers.