Commercial satellite internet solutions


Providing Commercial Businesses with the Best Connectivity

Commercial businesses like large logistic companies, gas stations, and factories need to connect their locations with high-speed broadband as they are often outside the fibre/wireless coverage area. With one Galaxy dish, the entire complex can have high-speed Internet and phone service.

Even if they can obtain a terrestrial link, today's businesses require a backup connection for when their fibre connection cuts out. No longer does your commercial business have to worry about where your plant or hotel location will be located; Galaxy can deliver the connectivity solutions to run your business wherever you are.

VPN applications can be eliminated by cross-connecting at one of the POP locations, enabling a direct connection – no need for a VPN.

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Small and large retail companies require a standard system for internet and credit card transactions in remote areas where no fibre or cell coverage exists.


Galaxy’s networks offer a vast coverage area ensuring that businesses can have access to a reliable and affordable connection wherever their business may take them.


Companies can select unique locations that provide market advantages, lower cost per site, and easy integration.