Business Continuity Satellite solutions

Business Continuity

Providing Businesses Backup and Redundancy Networks

It is critical in today’s business world to always be connected; so many companies have added Galaxy to their continuity strategy. While some companies use the network for their primary service because of their remoteness, many other urban companies are installing a Galaxy service in case their primary service goes down. The Galaxy network is always on and on standby until it is needed and then your server can automatically switch the primary access to Galaxy until your terrestrial network is restored.

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Loss of a primary connection can cost businesses large amounts of money in down time.  Many fiber networks share common points of failure, wireless connections can fail, and any terrestrial line, fiber or DSL, is subject to catastrophic failure from a simple backhoe.  


Providing a low cost backup service over an independent satellite link that is constantly monitored in case of emergency, or loss of connection.  The Galaxy service is based on usage during the outage but usually for a shor time until the primary circuit is restored.  


No revenue loss from having an Internet connection break, no downtime for employees and peace of mind.