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Please note: Dealers and/or Installers cannot be Sales Agents and Sales Agents cannot be Dealers and/or Installers.


I want to be a Galaxy Authorized Dealer Galaxy Broadband-approved Dealers sell our full line of products and services. They may or may not have a certified Installer on staff but are required to have one linked to their account. To become authorized, a Dealer applicant must participate in and successfully complete Galaxy Broadband sales and technical training. A Galaxy Broadband Dealer must be registered businessess with a GST and PST numbers; they are most often storefront retailers of consumer electronics, satellite television dealers, computer shop owners, etc.


I want to be a Galaxy Certified Installer. Galaxy Broadband-certified Installers are certified to install and service our full line of products. To achieve certification, Installer applicants must attend a Galaxy-sanctioned Installer training seminar, as well as complete online training.


I want to be a Galaxy Authorized Sales Agent. A Galaxy Broadband-appointed Sales Agent is approved to sell Galaxy Broadband HUGHESNET® systems and service plans to prospective customers. Sales Agents receive a referral fee for each new customer activation they generate. Sales Agents do not stock hardware and are not responsible for warranty, installation or ongoing customer service.
I want to be a Galaxy Supply Partner. Galaxy Broadband approved Supply Partners must manufacture, design or distribute products or services that will complement the suite of services that Galaxy currently offer our clients
I want to be a VAR. Galaxy approved VAR’s sell many of our products and services through an established customer base. Our VSAT solutions are typically a part of the bundled solutions and services provided to their customers. A Galaxy VAR is responsible for billing and servicing and tier one tech support to their customers. The VAR must have a certified Installer on staff and are required to have at least one linked to their account. A Galaxy VAR must be a registered business with a GST and PST number.

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