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Galaxy Approved Dealer

What are the benefits of being a Galaxy Approved Dealer?

At Galaxy Broadband Communications Inc., we are committed to forging partnerships with our Dealers. We understand that our success depends upon your success. It is our promise to support and service our Dealers in the most professional, courteous, and efficient way we can to maximize our mutual opportunities.

What is a Galaxy Approved Dealer?

Galaxy Approved Dealers sell our full line of products and services. They may or may not have a certified Installer on staff but are required to have one linked to their account. To become authorized, a Dealer applicant must participate in and successfully complete Galaxy sales and technical training. A Galaxy Dealer must be a registered business with a GST and PST number; they are most often storefront retailers of consumer electronics, satellite television dealers, computer shop owners, etc.

If you would like to partner with Galaxy, but do not feel you are suited to be a Dealer, perhaps you would like to join us as a Sales Agent. Galaxy Sales Agents are approved to sell Galaxy systems and Service Plans to prospective customers and receive a referral fee for each activated customer. Sales Agents are not responsible for warranties, installation or ongoing customer service.

Galaxy delivers on its commitment to its Dealers through the following:

Customer Care — With over 20 years of experience in professional customer service, we understand what it takes to keep you, our customer, happy and are committed to doing so.

Our Products and Services — In addition to our full line of HughesNet products and services, Galaxy owns and operates two Hubs offering a Canadian-based Satellite Internet service on the world class Hughes technology platform and a full line of motorized self-aligning antenna systems in conjunction with our value added Dealers. In addition, Galaxy offers communications services like VoIP, VPN connectivity, Fax over IP, and other application specific services to meet most data and communications requirements for remote networks.

Industry Experience — We have been successfully involved with the HUGHES product since its inception, providing us the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience beneficial to you, the Dealer.

Focus — Our only mission is to bring high-speed Internet service to the remote and underserved homes and businesses of Canada. We are not distracted by other products or the pressing need to impress shareholders. At Galaxy, we're proud to say we are building our customer base, one happy customer at a time.

Access to Training — We offer the most effective online training materials and support information, ensuring Dealers gain knowledge and remain competitive in their respective markets.

Our Installation Partners — Galaxy has a network of experienced and certified installers available for dispatch to virtually any region of Canada and the United States and coordinates the installation and after-install service as may be required.

Support — Our role is to ensure our Resellers look good in the eyes of the local customer. It is our tireless approach to provide superior national service and support that guarantees local credibility for our Dealers.

To apply as a Galaxy Approved Dealer, please complete the online form or call Galaxy toll-free at 1-877-463-9728 for more information.